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Introduction and main projects of the Department of Transport Economics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)

BUTE was established in 1782. At present it has more than 110 departments and institutes within the structure of eight faculties. About 1100 lecturers, 400 researchers and numerous invited lecturers and practising experts specialists participate in education and research at the University. BUTE issues about 70% of Hungary"s engineering degrees and is one of Central Europe"s most important research centres.

The Faculty of Transportation Engineering

The Faculty of Transportation Engineering was established in 1951. It has 10 departments and offers degree programs with concentrations in transportation and mechanical engineering. The transportation engineering program provides the essential scientific foundations and the most up to date technical knowledge available. Graduates of this faculty will be able to design transportation and logistics systems, furthermore to develop and monitor these systems reliably and economically by using the latest in management theory and informatics. The mechanical engineering program aims at giving students a thorough scientific foundation for development and design work, production control, and the operation and maintenance of mobile machines at an advanced level.

The Department of Transport Economics

Address: Bertalan Lajos u. 2., 1111 Budapest

Phone: +36-1-463-3265

Fax: +36-1-463-3267

Web page:


Contact person: Zoltán BOKOR PhD, head of department


Skype: zbokor

The Department of Transport Economics is involved in the planned integrated project regarding to its rich experiences in the research field. (See the details below.)

Short introduction:

The department"s activity involves a wide range of education and research tasks on transport economics. The subjects include economic, organisation, management and informatic knowledge.

The main research topics are the following: EDI applications and consulting, financing methods and software for infrastructure investments, decision making techniques, pricing techniques and privatisation methods in transport. The department take part as partner also in EU projects, e.g. UNITE or MC-ICAM.

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