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Ideje: 2008.01.01. 13:12
Kategória: Projects of Europen Union
Projects of Europen Union

Implementing Change in the European Railway System
Call identifier: FP6-2003-TREN-2

REORIENT – a Project Supporting Seamless Inter-modal Freight Transport along a Trans-European corridor.

The REORIENT project, funded by DG TREN, will establish how market liberalisation and improved infrastructure interoperability can be profitably exploited within an inter-modal freight corridor connecting the Nordic region with Central and South Eastern Europe. It will produce new knowledge on how the EU’s rail legislation (Directives 2001/12/13/14/16/EC) modify the behaviour of rail operators and rail infrastructure providers, the quality of rail transport and the demand for inter-modal rail-based freight supply solutions.

The REORIENT project will develop a business case that will show how improvements in corridor operations combined with new management and business models may enhance the use of rail inter-modal freight conveyance by shippers and consignors serving international distribution channels. The business case will offer a set of strategic and operational solutions for seamless freight transfer based on the following studies and analyses:

  • Implementation of the EU’s legislation on rail market opening and interoperability
  • Quality of inter-modal rail service required by European shippers
  • Roles of vertical and/or horizontal collaborative ventures between rail undertakings and other mode operators, shippers and consignors in facilitating access to new freight markets
  • Application of telematic information systems for tracking and tracing of freight shipments
  • New rail management models that support delivery of the service quality required by shippers
  • Social support for balancing freight moved by road and rail
  • Empirically validated methods for dealing with barriers impeding seamless freight flow

Results from these explorations will be stored in the REORIENT Knowledge Base, which will be made available to bidders for an integrated project (IP).

The call for the IP has been issued by DG TREN on July 8th, 2005.  In addition, the REORIENT Consortium will offer the use of its Knowledge Base to other parties working on the development of business cases related to other trans-European corridors.

The REORIENT consortium includes universities, research institutes, research consultancies, and rail operators in fourteen European countries, Russia, and the United States.  Research work began in April 2005 and will be completed in 24 months.

Freight forwarding companies, logistics operators, terminal managers, infrastructure managers, rail undertakings, industrial shippers, and merchandisers are welcome to join the REORIENT stakeholder group.

For further information about the project please contact: Natalia Suarez Fernandez at
Person in charge in Hungary: Prof. Katalin Tanczos at

The Subcontractor's Kick-Off meeting was successfully organised on the 9-10th May 2005 in The Budapest University of Technology and Economics. More than 45 attendees arrived from abouut 15 states from and outside the EU. Pictures of meeting:

Building "Z", 4th floor, room No. 418. (click here for map)
2 Bertalan Lajos Str.
H-1111 Budapest, Hungary

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