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Publication: The Specialized Freight Forwarding Managers Course
Ideje: 2006.01.12. 11:56
Kategória: 1. Minden hallgatónak
1. Minden hallgatónakTake one course and get three diplomas: The Specialized Freight Forwarding Managers Course

The Course “Specialized Freight Forwarding Managers” at the Transport Economics Department of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has renewed its curriculum over the past year. Its “traditional” material on national and international legislation, agreements, rules and practices on freight forwarding, transportation by rail, road, air or inland navigation and maritime transport, relevant customs procedures, insurance etc. has been up-dated and expanded to give increased emphasis to the EU acquis communautaire. It also offers training that better incorporates the challenges of global supply chain management and market options for freight forwarders, the new trends in trade facilitation and enhanced security on the one hand, and practical knowledge that is needed in daily operations on the other hand.

In recognition of its high quality and dedication for excellence, the Hungarian national authorities, the Ministry of Economy and Transport together with the National Transport Inspectorate has recognized the diplomas acquired by students of the “Specialized Freight Forwarding Managers” course adequate to prove professional competence for market access in domestic and international road freight transport, i.e. for the Euro license. In other words, The BUTE diploma for students that have taken the Freight Forwarding Managers course is recognized as the Hungarian road freight transport CPC diploma. BUTE - and its course - has also been the first university to become the Accredited Training Institute by the International Road Transport Union (IRU, Geneva) to offer courses for the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC courses) in road haulage. The Accreditation Agreement was signed on October 10th, 2005 on the occasion of the International Road Safety Conference organized by the Hungarian Road Transport Operators Association (MKFE). The close cooperation between the University and IRU, as well as MKFE is an asset not only because it ensures a valuable link between industry and academia, but also because it can be the continuous resource for road transport managers to improve their competitiveness.


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